Understanding HET Hemorrhoid Energy Therapy

What is HET?

HET Hemorrhoid Energy Therapy is a hospital procedure performed under mild anesthesia, sometimes in conjunction with a colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy used to diagnosis other conditions.

HET is a gentle, simple and efficient non-surgical treatment option that applies a combination of gentle hemorrhoid tissue compression and low-grade heat energy next to your hemorrhoids to minimize blood flow to the area and reduce the size of the inflamed hemorrhoids.

How many treatment sessions are required?

Many hemorrhoid treatment options require multiple sessions. HET can be performed in a single session in conjunction with your colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy.

How effective is HET?

It enables a more efficient treatment of grades 1 and 2 internal hemorrhoids compared with banding. A reduction in the size of your hemorrhoids should be noticed immediately and symptoms should continue to improve over the next few days.

Will I be comfortable?

The treatment is fast and painless allowing your to return to your normal activities shortly after the procedure is performed.

What are the disadvantages of HET vs. Banding?

Disadvantages are that it is performed under anesthesia, so you will need a driver to take you to and from your appointment; however, because you’ll be sedated for the procedure so it is painless.

What are the risks associated with HET?

Risks are minimal. Recovery is fast. There is little if no pain associated with the procedure.
Risks include pain, infection, reaction to the medication or anesthesia given to you, and bleeding.

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