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The Promise of Exceptional Care and Comfort

At Hunterdon Digestive Health Specialists, we offer the convenience of providing endoscopic services at two different locations to best serve the patient’s individual needs. Based on our patient’s medical condition (weight, heart disease, airway, and breathing status) we help decide which of our medical facilities is best for you.

We also factor in your location preference, cost and insurance coverage to help accommodate patient needs.

Patients have the option of choosing:
Hunterdon Medical Center, in Flemington NJ
And our In Network
Somerset Ambulatory Surgical Center, in Somerville, NJ

Board certified anesthesiologist are available to insure you have the best care, comfort, and safety possible, as we understand you may have fear and anxiety, about your procedure. If you make the decision not to choose our exceptional anesthesiology services, Dr. Sinha is highly and fully certified to provide conscious sedation.

Somerset Ambulatory Surgery Center

USPI's mission is to provide first class surgical services for the local community in a safe comfortable and welcoming environment; one in which we would be happy to treat our own families.

Somerset Ambulatory Surgical Center is a convenient alternative to hospital-based surgery. A highly qualified staff, an exceptional safety record, and a comfortable setting, help ensure a pleasant experience from pre-procedure to post-procedure.

Accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care and licensed by the New Jersey Department of Public Health and Senior Services, our facility offers the latest advanced technology and procedures you would expect in a large hospital, but in a more intimate and caring environment.

Our surgical team has expertise in many surgical specialties with your individual personal needs in mind including but not limited to gastrointestinal disorders. Backed by highly-skilled anesthesiologists and nursing staff, and an administrative staff that makes easy work of paperwork, Somerset Ambulatory Surgical Center promises an exceptional level of care and comfort.

Other benefits of an ASC include:

Ease of use

Since our center focuses on a limited number of procedures, most patients find that we are much easier to navigate than a typical hospital environment.

One location

Our center offers patient registration, waiting rooms, surgical suites and recovery rooms all in one convenient location.

Surgical Specimen and Pathology- “ Care Beyond Community”

Here at Hunterdon Digestive Health we believe that an accurate pathology report is crucial to getting a precise diagnosis.

When a specimen is removed or tissue is biopsied at the Somerset Ambulatory Surgical Center, it is then sent to a university level GI pathologist (a board-certified doctor who specializes in diagnosing gastrointestinal disease) This aspect is fundamental for early detection and prevention.

The most effective treatment including cancer starts with an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, we have the pathologist’s critical contribution to make the best treatment plan for you and your unique situation.

Scheduling options

To meet a patients specific scheduling needs we offer a number of scheduling options. Plus since all surgeries at an ASC are scheduled, your procedure is rarely bumped or delayed by an emergency case.

Anesthesia services

Board certified anesthesiologists are available to ensure you have the best care, comfort, and safety in a relaxed atmosphere.

Focus on the patient

We know exactly how many patients we will serve each day and can, therefore, staff appropriately to ensure very personal care. Our priority in the center is you and your procedure.

Reduced cost

Since we do not have the overhead of a surgery facility that offers a range of procedures including those for the very seriously ill emergency surgery, our ASC is typically able to perform your procedure at the same high level of care with same specialized attention but at a lower cost, an especially nice advantage if you have a co pay.

*If you are planning to pay out of pocket or self-pay , a competitive quote will be given to you prior to the Procedure.


The information on this website is to provide general guidance. In no way does any of the information provided reflect definitive medical advice and self diagnoses should not be made based on information obtained online. It is important to consult a best in class gastroenterologist regarding ANY and ALL symptoms or signs as it may a sign of a serious illness or condition. A thorough consultation and examination should ALWAYS be performed for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Be sure to call a physician or call our office today and schedule a consultation.

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