What to Expect During Your Colon Cancer Screening

How a colon cancer screening from your gastroenterologist in Flemington and Hillsborough, NJ, may save your life.

Colon cancer can be deadly. Fortunately, there is an excellent screening procedure that can detect polyps or abnormal tissue in your colon. These could be early signs of colon cancer. The screening procedure is known as a colonoscopy, and it is performed by your gastroenterologist.

Dr. Anubha Sinha at Hunterdon Digestive Health Specialists offers a wide range of gastroenterology services, including colon cancer screenings. She has two convenient office locations in Flemington, and Hillsborough, NJ, to help you.

You need to know the facts about screening for colon cancer and the colonoscopy process.

You should have a colonoscopy if you:

  • Are age 45 or older
  • Have abdominal pain that doesn’t go away
  • Experience chronic diarrhea or constipation
  • Have a family history of colon cancer
  • Have black, tarry stools, which could indicate blood in your stool

There are a few ways to screen for colon cancer, including:

  • Blood and stool testing
  • A sigmoidoscopy
  • A colonoscopy

Before your colonoscopy procedure, you will be sedated. Then, a flexible tube will be inserted into your rectum. The tube has a camera at one end, which allows your doctor to view the inside of your colon. The tube is guided up into your colon to look for abnormal tissue or polyps. Your gastroenterologist can remove tissue samples and polyps for biopsy to determine if there are cancerous changes.

Dr. Sinha also offers the revolutionary PillCam Colon System, which is a pill containing a camera. You swallow the pill, and then images are fed into a recorder which you wear for the day. You drop off the recorder at the end of the day, and the pill will pass through your body naturally.

The PillCam Colon System is performed completely on an outpatient basis, with no time in the hospital. It’s a perfect solution for people who:

  • Have had an incomplete colonoscopy
  • Have lower GI bleeding
  • Are at risk with having a colonoscopy
  • Are at risk with being sedated

To learn more about the importance of a colon cancer screening, and the revolutionary PillCam Colon System, call Dr. Anubha Sinha at Hunterdon Digestive Health Specialists. You can reach her in Flemington, or Hillsborough, NJ, by calling (908) 788-8200, so call today.

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