What are FODMAPs?

Do you suffer from significant gas, bloating, change in bowel habits, or abdominal pain?
FODMAPs or Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Mono-saccharides, And Polyols are a large group of dietary sugars. fodmapFODMAPs can be poorly absorbed in the gut and can cause significant gas, bloating, change in bowel habits, and abdominal discomfort in some people.
    A Closer Look at FODMAPs
FODMAPs are short-chain carbohydrates:
Fructose is a monosaccharide.  It is found in certain fruits, honey and some high fructose corn syrups. Most people absorb fructose, but around 30-40% of all people do not properly absorb excess fructose.
Lactose is a disaccharide found in milk and milk products. People who lack the enzyme, Lactase, cannot properly absorb lactose.
Polyols (e.g. sorbitol, mannitol) are found in some fruits, vegetables and are sometimes added as artificial sweeteners. Sorbitol and mannitol are the most common polyols in the diet. In most people, they are not completely absorbed in the small intestines.
Oligosaccharides (Fructans and Galacto-Oligosaccharides) are found in wheat, rye, onions, garlic, legumes, and lentils. These types of sugars are malabsorbed in everyone and fermented by bacteria in the large intestines. They are thought to have a positive benefit on the gut bacteria. However, in certain people who have a hypersensitive gut they may cause significant discomfort when consumed in larger amounts.
Look out for our next blog which takes a closer look at which foods contain FODMAPs!
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*The above facts are based on published data from Monash University, Department of Gastroenterology. 

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