Hemorrhoids FAQs

Hemorrhoids are not only an inconvenience, they can be uncomfortable as well. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids in Flemington and Hillsborough, NJ, you can get the help you need from the team of gastroenterologists at Hunterdon Digestive Health Specialists.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen painful veins in the area around your anus or inside the rectum. They can be itchy, throbbing, stinging, and generally uncomfortable, or they can just be inflamed. You can have either internal or external hemorrhoids or, in some cases, both.

How Common Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are quite common and one in five people will suffer from them at some point in their life. About half of people over 50 will have hemorrhoids.

Who Is Most Likely To Get Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are quite common in pregnant women. It affects both men and women over 50 equally. If you sit on the toilet for extended periods or have to strain when passing feces, you are more likely to have hemorrhoids. If you eat food without much fiber, have chronic constipation, or often lift heavy weights, it increases your risk.

What Are the Complications of Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are uncomfortable and annoying, but they can be a little more serious than that in some cases. You may get a blood clot in an external hemorrhoid or an infection. When an external hemorrhoid dissolves, it can leave behind a skin tag. If your hemorrhoids are bleeding, you may end up suffering from anemia.

How To Avoid Hemorrhoids?

Avoiding hemorrhoids is a much better option than trying to treat them once you have them. Try to add fiber to your diet and drink plenty of water. You can also take stool softeners or laxatives to keep things moving in your bowels. Don't use the toilet as a place to sit for long periods of time. Try to avoid heavy lifting.

How To Treat Hemorrhoids?

If you have painful or itchy hemorrhoids, a Sitz bath can provide some relief. You can also use over-the-counter creams for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Our gastroenterologist has treatments that can provide the relief that you are seeking. At Hunterdon Digestive Health Specialists, we use a banding system that only takes a minute to perform. The CRH O’Regan Hemorrhoid Removal system is generally painless and is an effective solution to the problem of hemorrhoids.

For help with your Hemorrhoids in Flemington and Hillsborough, NJ, the team of gastroenterologists at Hunterdon Digestive Health Specialists provides the information and the treatments you need. Give our office a call at (908) 788-8200 to make an appointment.

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